Interiors and Outfitting - Yachts, Residential, Aircraft
There is nothing like good design

New Wave Design Group comprises a talented and committed team of professionals dedicated to realizing the ideal design and outfitting solutions for your yacht, aircraft or residence.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1999, and led by yacht furnishings expert Lisa Ferry, NWDG's mission is to ensure a flowing "conversation" of design elements throughout the decor - from fabrics and furnishings to flatware, fine linens, art and accessories. "Our philosophy is to elevate the user experience by creating a seamless convergence of style and substance, perfectly attuned to your modern sensibilities."

New Wave Design Group navigates through the client's needs and desires, incorporating those elements that best exemplify the yacht's character, to arrive at a wholly integrated design - innovative and refreshingly clean in its simplicity.

The Group's success is evident in our firm's extensive list of discerning and loyal clients worldwide.